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To make your journey as easy, exciting and successful as possible, we have prepared some basic information to get you started - including scientific benefits of practicing confidence, handy tips and a how-to guide for your daily progress. We want to emphasize that this is not a miraculous bracelet - but it is a very powerful reminder to practice confidence every time you see, touch or feel the bracelet, supporting you in creating your own happiness with the help of reaping amazing benefits of your daily practice. 

Scientific Benefits of Confidence

According to research, confidence can greatly increase your life satisfaction by enhancing the feeling of self-worth, reducing anxiety and increasing your levels of energy and motivation to boldly go after your goals.

1. Mental well-being

Confidence helps you accept, adapt and learn from any life situation, replacing self-doubt and negative thoughts with greater confidence in yourself and your capabilities. This way, fear and anxiety can transform into greater peace and a more stress-free life.

2. Heightened sense of self-worth

When you’re confident, you know what you excel at which enables you to value yourself and your abilities more while quieting your inner critic

3. Increased happiness

The more self-confident you are, the happier you are with yourself and the more you enjoy what life has to offer, increasing your overall life satisfaction.

4. Greater success

Being confident helps you be more daring in achieving the things you want to achieve, enabling you to enjoy more success in life.

5. More energy and motivation

Confidence gives you positive energy to take action to achieve your wildest goals and dreams, keeping you highly motivated and energized as you believe in yourself more.

6. Social ease

Being confident helps you be more relaxed in social settings as you gain an internal feeling of trust and worth that cannot be influenced by the possible judgment of others.


tip 01

Get to know yourself

To become confident, it is crucial that you first really get to know yourself, recognizing your potentials, strengths and talents which will enable you to start living your potentials through jobs, relationships and hobbies.

tip 02

Befriend yourself

When you start showing yourself the kind of love and support you would to a close friend, you will become unstoppable.

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Start small

Starting your path of roaring confidence is setting one small goal for each day and achieving it. By successfully completing these tasks that you set to do daily, you will soon start to feel more and more confident in accomplishing anything you set your mind to. 

How to's

how to 01

Doing a power pose

As research suggests, standing in the Power Pose for a couple of minutes can make you feel more powerful, enhancing your confidence to help you face your challenges in a more assertive, calm and courageous way.

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Visualization exercise

Create a comfortable space and take enough time

Plan around possible interruptions, avoid the busiest time of day and create the optimum environment where you will feel calm and relaxed.

Focus in your breathing

Gently bring attention to your body and slowly start to pay attention to your breathing. You might even like to put your hand on your belly to monitor the movement of your belly, expanding when you breathe in and deflating as you breathe out.

Visualize in the first person

Make sure that your experience is in the first person, rather than observing yourself from afar

Be realistic and slightly optimistic.

It might be helpful for you to start with goals that are more immediate rather than far removed. For example, start focusing right now on delivering a successful presentation, and later on visualise yourself becoming a CEO of a company. One of the reasons for this is so you can experience the most achievable instance of success in the near future.

Engage all your senses

It is important to engage all your senses when you visualise confidence, involving what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

how to 03

Create a list of your accomplishments

Each time you accomplish a goal, write it down. When feeling insecure or doubtful of yourself, the list of your achievements is going to remind you that you are far more capable than you give yourself credit to, uplifting your spirits and boosting your confidence.

Daily Affirmations

You can practice confidence with simple, yet influential affirmations. Although their impact may seem a bit far-fetched to some, they have actually been scientifically proven to help you reprogram your brains, changing your mindset by teaching your brain to perceive the world in a more positive, hopeful and empowering way. Here is a list of a few confidence affirmations you can begin with:

"I face this challenge with strength and know that I will get through this."

"I believe in my talents and skills to make things better wherever I go."

"I bring my best game to all I do."

"I am stronger, wiser and more confident with each new day."

"I am the captain of my ship. I choose how my days and life unfold."

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