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To make your journey as easy, exciting and successful as possible, we have prepared some basic information to get you started - including scientific benefits of practicing courage, handy tips and a how-to guide for your daily progress. We want to emphasize that this is not a miraculous bracelet - but it is a very powerful reminder to practice courage every time you see, touch or feel the bracelet, supporting you in creating your own happiness with the help of the amazing benefits of your daily practice.

Scientific Benefits of Courage

Courage enables you to successfully overcome your fears and face any life challenge with willpower, bravery and resilience, making you more experienced, stronger, confident and happy along the way.

1. Overall life satisfaction

Courage has a powerful effect on your well being, increasing your sense of happiness by enabling you to live a life of excitement, adventure and strength.

2. Enhanced resilience

The more courageous you are, the more resilience you develop to various daily challenges that come your way, not letting them bring you down but seeing them as opportunities for growth instead.

3. Mental well-being

Acting courageously in the face of challenges helps reduce stress and anxiety levels as you are able to successfully overcome your inner fears.

4. Confidence boost

By overcoming your fear and doing something outside of your comfort zone, you feel more empowered and trusting of your abilities, achieving a feeling of greater personal competence and inner worth.

5. Increased chances of success

Courageous people are more likely to take risks, follow their dreams and seize opportunities, making them far more likely to succeed in reaching all of their goals.

6. Courage will become your best friend

The more courageous you are, the more confident you will feel. It’ll take more to bring you down than usual.


tip 01

Set goals

The first step to leading a courageous life is setting goals - they can be as big as you want, just make sure they are truly aligned with what you want out of your life as they will keep you focused and lead you in the right way, which is especially important when we encounter obstacles or challenges.

tip 02

Face your fears

When faced with a difficult challenge that scares you, first give fear space to show itself, allowing yourself to feel it and fully accept it. Then, you can use the powerful energy of emotions to face your obstacles with even more momentum and strength.

tip 03

Step out of your comfort zone

The quickest way to become courageous is by diving into the unknown. Break your daily routine by trying something new or going on a daring adventure.

How to's

how to 01

Choose courage instead of fear

Acknowledge your fear. It’s alright that you’re feeling some fear. Trying to repress it so that you don’t feel it at all will only make it get bigger and scarier. Feel the fear. Sit with it for a bit. Then let it go.

Dig deep. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, but sometimes you really have to go pretty deep within yourself to find the courage to face a scary situation. You have to be willing to go through a few layers that may not be so comfortable in order to get to that layer of pure bravery that you’re after. 

Listen to your intuition. Your intuition knows. Once you’ve dug down deep, you’ll be able to listen to your intuition without any of that other static that fear can produce. 

Keep your head up. Want to feel confident? Then look confident. Don’t ever face a problem with your head down. Always keep your chin held high and face the world surrounding you. 

Don’t stop trying. It might take more than one go to find the courage it takes to face a certain problem. But persistence and courage go hand in hand and once you solve your problem, you’ll feel that much better about yourself for sticking with it.

how to 02

Questions to ask yourself to bring courage into play include

- What am I actually afraid of? Is it the right thing to be afraid of? Should I be this afraid of it – or rationally, should I be less or more afraid?

- What harm can this thing actually do to me or others?

- What are the things that could happen as a result of my actions and/or inactions?

- What is the worst that could happen has a result of my actions and/or inactions?

- What are the risks to me and to others?

- Courage gives us the strength to evaluate an emotional response (fear) and act rationally and rightly.

how to 03

Do one thing every day that scares you

That can mean anything from going skydiving, standing up for yourself or talking to a stranger. By doing this practice continuously, you will soon see the effects of rising courageousness, helping you become more experienced, successful and happy along the way.


You can practice courage with simple, yet influential affirmations. Although their impact may seem a bit far-fetched to some, they have actually been scientifically proven to help you reprogram your brains, changing your mindset by teaching your brain to perceive the world in a more positive, hopeful and empowering way. Here is a list of a few courage affirmations you can begin with:

"I stand up for myself by saying how I truly feel with kindness."

"I am strong, courageous and worthy of all good things."

"I now step out of my comfort zone to become the person I believe I can be."

"I radiate confidence in all I do!"

"I am brave enough to ask for this."

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